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Save yourself the aggravation. You need to question the quality of furniture you are buying if the furniture comes to you in card boxes.

I purchased a bed and their was a factory/chemical odor to this bed that was very overwhelming. Also the leather is used is questionable. It is very thin and doesn't smell anything like leather. The company ads are deceiving as the leather is badly stitched.

Online you do not see the stitchings as they have been Photo shopped. I pointed this out to the managing partner and he insisted that the photos are not a misrepresentation. Hmmm the last I checked if you altered a photo or document it is a misrepresentation. Also customer service is very poor.

It takes forever if you're lucky to get a response. I only received quicker responses when I called my bank who issued my credit card before the managing partner responded. The shipping charged are very costly.

They will charge you shipping charges each way (should you want to return). Before purchasing I forgot to do my homework but they have outstanding BBB complaints.

Monetary Loss: $1093.

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Agreed! We ordered the Jane dresser in August and it is now February.

We have received a total of 4 or 5 dressers because each time the dresser comes it is severely damaged and broken. The last dresser we received was literally falling apart. The quality is HORRIBLE. Not to mention the customer service, or lack thereof.

We actually had to constantly email them (don't bother calling because you never get through to a human) to remind them that we are still waiting for a replacement dresser...they forgot about us. And to top it off, they kept trying to blame the shipping companies. It is not the shipping companies. One of the dressers we received had a deep gouge on the drawer with a clear coating over top, indicating that someone in Modloft saw this gouge and tried to cover it up with a coating.


to Anonymous #820643


Thank you for expressing your concerns regarding delivery damage on your orders. One of the things Modloft actually does is ship your dressers preassembled, which every other furniture manufacturer out there on the market doesn't ship their dressers preassembled, but in a package that you have to assemble yourself.

Shipping your dressers preassembled actually increases customer satisfaction (significant low customer return rate from this, according to our retailers; no 1-2 hours of assembly or assembly issues/frustrations occurring), however, with occasional freight damages that can happen we always work to accommodate. At any time you have that concern, please email our support team so we can issue you an email and tracking reference number for your customer support team inquiry request. You can also contact our customer support team, and if they don't immediately pick up, they are required to contact you back from your voicemail so your contact won't go unanswered. Lastly, we also have increase our quality control specialist team, that's overseeing our production in our factories, along with other methods of improving upon previous feedback such as this one.

Customer feedback has been an important factor into our improvements made, and will always be implemented towards future improvements to focus on the customer satisfaction.

Thank you for your feedback and expressing your previous concerns as it's helpful for Modloft to learn from, and improve upon.

Best Regards,

Cambryn Courson


Wish I would had seen this post before I went thru my nightmare with them. Unfortunately I didn't & unfortunately your allegations about modloft are dead on true.

to ejmax San Jose, California, United States #736031

I'm sorry to hear that you went through the same BS from ModLoft. I never posed as an interior designer.

I am not an interior designer. I am a real estate broker in CA. I set up apartments and rental properties for clients to rent. I shared that with these folks and they granted me the trade pricing.

It doesn't matter what they are trying to do here (it's bad form when you try to make your customer look bad) their quality is below subpar. I went ahead and purchased the real thing from Ligne Roset. Modloft is a copycat. They copy from Ligne Roset.

Their furniture is most likely made in China. Not worth the price or aggravation.

I noticed that they had gotten people to click on *** 70+ times but no comments except for your comment and mine. By the way, I emailed 14 times because I never received a reply.


First, let me state that Modloft analyzes any negative comment very thoughtfully and makes every effort to correct any honestly made error. I have personally evaluated and researched each statement made in this complaint and would like to share my findings:

1. Customer posed as an interior designer to obtain trade pricing on her purhcase. After further verification, she did not have any qualifying credentials, yet we maintained her special pricing regardless of the deception.

2. Customer questions the quality of furniture that comes in boxes. All furniture, at all quality levels, is boxed. No other way to ship it.

3. Customer questions the leather used in the product. The leather was clearly defined prior to purchase (reconstituted leather), and is priced accordingly. Customer unreasonably expected top grain leather for a bonded leather price.

4. Customer states photographs were photoshopped and misrepresented. Customer made this claim only after learning she would be responsible for return shipping charges (buyer's remorse case). Images have not been photoshopped.

5. Customer says service level was poor. Customer emailed Modloft 16 times prior to purchasing and each email was replied within 9 hours (14 emails within 2 hours). Customer emailed Modloft 11 times after purchase and each email was replied within 24 hours. When Customer Service advised her we would accept her return and issue her a credit minus shipping charges (simply restating return policies), she hurled insults and became abusive via email, threatening retribution. For the record, Customer was refunded after product was returned.

6. Customer claims we have outstanding BBB complaints. Yes, we now have one outstanding complaint - hers - for a grand total of 2 registered complaints for a company in business over 7 years.

It's a shame people use message boards to fabricate the truth in an effort to harm an honest and conscientious company that truly cares for each customer and strives for perfection on a daily basis. We're certainly not there, but our efforts are sincere.

Thank you for reading...

Linda, Customer Care


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