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Update to my original post:

MODLOFT is to be commended on it's stellar customer service. Turns out the retailer whom I purchased the bed from failed to recognize the connection between the submitted pics and my previously posted arguments.

In frustration, I contacted MODLOFT whom immediately got back with me. Turns out this particular bed should not have been in circulation. Modloft wasn't sure how I ended up with this iteration which is no longer in production. The new Chelsea bed is redesigned hence omitting the previous flaws - IMO.

I accept the fact that quality control issues are common place in today's furniture manufacturing ecosystem (i.e. Chinese manufacturing). I appreciate Modloft's quick response and resolution to the issues presented as they immediately agreed to replace the bed ... unlike the retailer who sold the bed whom had informed me that there was nothing they could do! A simple phone call and or forward of my initial complaint (in behalf of a valued customer) to Modloft would have quickly solved the mystery.

Again, I commend Modloft's business acumen in this regards. This is how you properly scale a business among stiff competition. Design good products at a reasonable price and back it up with customer service policies that keep customers satisfied and coming back for more products.

Original review posted by user Mar 07, 2013

Let me start by saying that I really like Modloft design and price points. I was very excited to order and receive the product, however as the previous customer stated, this particular product has or rather came with a number of issues that I feel are unacceptable for a $1600+ MSRP product.

1. Modloft Customer Service Mgr. is severely misspoken when she mentions that the photos of the bed are not misrepresenting the product. Specifically, the product literature and marketing collateral - see attached pics - show the bed positioned in an open loft like space. Note, the back of the bed appears to be one piece/constructed in a way that would enable this type of positioning in a room? In reality the bed can ONLY be positioned with headboard against the wall due to the fact that there are 6 large diameter wholes in the back of the headboard which function as the access point to tighten the bolts/nuts that hold the 2 piece headboard and rails together. The finish on the back of the bed is rather horrendous - see attached pics - with the leather stapled haphazardly around the access holes. 6 flimsy plastic discs are provided as an attempt to plug the holes. Pics speak for themselves ... with visible staples. THERE IS NO WAY THIS BED CAN BE POSITIONED ON AN ANGLE/IN ANY OPEN SPACE (as in marketing collateral) WITHOUT SHOWCASING THIS UNACCEPTABLE DESIGN FLAW.

2. Missing hardware: My king bed is missing the two center support posts and hardware. The bed can't be fully constructed without these essential parts and obviously can't support a mattress until the parts arrive.

Additionally, the slatted base/platform which ties into the base and headboard can't be attached as the bolts provided are too large in diameter for the holes. I'm hoping it is not a quality control issue ... meaning that I will need to get a drill out and widen the diameter of the holes on the metal frame?

3. Quality control issues: The headboard is actually two pieces, which are attached by bolting together - through the back of headboard as previously mentioned. The bolt holes are not properly aligned which sets one side of the headboard off a quarter of an inch. There is no remedy to fix this.

In addition, a small piece of foam was left on one side rail and the leather was stretched over the foam, leaving a "raised" bump which was very noticeable. I ended up taking out the staples holding the leather, gently pulling the piece of foam out, and re stapling - see attached pics. I don't feel a customer should have to tackle multiple tweaks on a $1600+ MSRP product.

4. Smell? Correct, this bed WREAKS of chemicals and or retardants? Not sure if it's the backing on the leather or leatherette. I'm hoping this nasty smell goes away once we are finally able to fully assemble the bed. The bed has been sitting in the room for a week and the smell is still very strong.

5. Solid build? I read other reviews which complemented the build quality/sturdiness of other Modloft beds ... which led to my purchase decision. Unfortunately, the Chelsea doesn't quite live up to the standard as the headboard is not stable. I don't believe the missing hardware/parts mentioned above will add to the stability of the headboard. I wouldn't want to grab it while engaged in "extra curricular activity" for fear of damaging or breaking the bed.

As I can't return the bed, I'm hoping I can live with the issues. I feel that the $1400+ purchase price was a bit rich due to the stated issues. Unfortunately, I can't recommend the Chelsea bed or potentially Modloft at this point in time without suggesting that one visits a brick and mortar store to view products before purchasing. Got burned by online purchase and nice marketing collateral on this one.

I will mention that the Modloft CSR I spoke with on the phone was more than happy to send replacement parts if available or order from the factory. I haven't received the parts yet, but hoping this process will be seamless and fairly prompt.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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San Francisco, California, United States #1329705

Very poorly made. Most of my nuts and bolts are missing.

Pre installed screws were not fully screwed in. Leather is stapled in a very cheap looking way to the bed.

On the metal frame one of the openings to put the bolt through is too narrow so I will have to find some sort of way to etch the excess metal away to fit the bolt through. Obviously very cheap and poor Chinese construction and terrible quality control at the factory these are being made at!

Santa Clara, California, United States #930404

Bought Chelsea Platform Bed from Gilt.com ( Order Number:Purchased from: Gilt.com Order number : 65949318).

The long-side panel broke 3 days later while I was getting out bed!.

This is an elegant design but is built with extremely poor Chinese parts! Stay away from it

Miami, Florida, United States #620593

Thank you for taking the time to express your thoughts on your recent purchase. Modloft will absolutely be reviewing these comments closely. We will provide a follow up on each of your points shortly. If you need urgent assistance, please contact our customer support department and they will be happy to assist you.




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